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The Coon Lake Pirate ships, Coon Lake, Anoka, Minnesota
Coon Lake Productions Video: . Second Video up close. See the KARE 11 news coverage.

Coon Lake Anoka, MN

Our lake - 1,400+ acres of water make Coon lake the largest lake in Anoka County. For you folks who like to fish, Coon twice held the Minnesota State Record for the White Crappie weighing in at 3 lbs. 4oz. Coon is also a great northern and bass lake.
If fishing is not for you, then how about water skiing, jet skiing, boating or pleasently pontooning. How about a good old fashioned picnic at the beach. With over 230' of sandy beach there is plenty of room to picnic or play water volly ball or just relax and read a good book

The cranes of Carlos Avery

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Coon Lake Dam Videos

Video: Coon Lake Dam, East Bethel, Anoka County, Minnesota on Mother's Day Opener . 1 min 5 sec - May 13, 2006

Video: Bait Fish washed over the Coon Lake Dam, lost to Carlos Avery 5-7-06
1 min 55 sec - May 9, 2006

Video: Minnows washed over the dam on Coon Lake, Taken out of the food chain , 1 min 12 sec - Apr 27, 2006

Video: The dam at Coon Lake, Anoka Minnesota, Spring, 4-22-2006, Bait fish
1 min 7 sec - Apr 22, 2006

Video: The East Dam, Coon Lake, Anoka County, Minnesota, Fish Run, 4-15-2006, 1 min 28 sec - Apr 16, 2006

Video: Coon Lake Dam 6-4-06 Carp are now heavy in the dam channel
Coon Lake Productions
47 sec

6/18/06 water 2" over steel lip
yellow tape is in "
1"numbers are 1/10 of a foot, Photo by Doug Tierney


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Introducing the Coon Lake Improvement District Webpage

Minnesota, 14,000+ Lakes and over 90,000 miles of shoreline

Coon Lake Beach Members ether hunt, fish or have family members who do.

Water | Coon Lake had above-average water quality for this region of the state (NCHF Ecoregion), receiving an overall B grade.

Lake water level report

A copy of the 2004 lake survey of Coon Lake can be viewed on line at the following link:

Ordinary High Water - 904.75 ft
Lowest - 900.27 ft (09/22/1988)
Highest - 905.11 ft (05/16/1986)
Average - 903.44 ft

A growing sportsman site with information regarding most of our great lake activities. Coon Lake has Northern Pike, Bass and more recently Walleye. We hope it will help the members one and all to enjoy our great area natural resources locally available. If you have news, suggestions or comments please contact us. Thanks!

Results of the most recent Bass Tournament, by Fishers of Men

Satellite Images For your Hunting Fishing maps

DNR Maps

Coon Lake Improvement Association & Dam water level Photos

Lake Depth Map

Air Photos of Coon Lake

A map of Coon Lake County Park

Coon Lake DNR Fish Netting Report

Coon Lake DNR Lake Level Tracking Report

Coon Lake Water Quality

Coon Lake Water Clarity

Coon Lake Fish Consumption Advisory Information

In 2001 the DNR contracted a feasibility study regarding raising the lake level. This file is rather sizeable and there may be interesting questions regarding the findings. See the dam elevation. Small warning: It takes awhile to download.

Get it here. If you don't have Adobe to view it, click on the link to the left.

Scouting makes a difference
Only one in four American boys will become Scouts, but of the leaders of this nation in business, religion and politics, three out of four were Scouts.

TheBeachers: A photographic essay of the life at Coon Lake Beach by photographer Peter Dennis. See the Forest Lake Press article here.

Click for Wyoming, Minnesota Forecast

Coon Lake News: News You Don't See in the Minnesota Media:----------

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Coon Lake Beach Community Center Event, Wedding Rental Information

Come join us for the Pancake Breakfast at our Community Center, with free wireless high speed internet See the video

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The cranes of Carlos Avery
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